Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hands & Feet Portraits

The idea is to trace kids hands and feet onto a large piece of paper (they might need help with this part), and then draw their head, body, arms and legs in a way that looks like they are attached to their hands and feet. This gives the impression that they are floating away in space!

  1. Start with a LARGE sheet of paper...18x24 is what we used
  2. Have students trace hands facing outward, towards the top of the paper. A friend may help.
  3. Put papers on the ground, and have students trace their feet facing outward slightly towards the bottom of the paper. **they LOVE this part!**
  4. Have students draw an oval/circle for the head slightly above the hands (in the middle)...add details to the face, hair, make it look like them
  5. Then, add a neck, show them how to attach the arms to the hands, and the pants to the feet. The arms and legs get larger as they get closer to the tracings of hands and feet. Draw details, details, details!
  6. Discuss how they are 'flying back in space' and WHERE ARE THEY?! I have students drawing outer space, under the ocean, in a lightning storm, in tornadoes, etc....
  7. Outline in sharpies
  8. Paint with watercolors (we added crayon detail for small things as a wax-resist)

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